Ercall Wood Academy

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Our students are proud to wear our uniform because they are proud to be part of Ercall Wood Academy. A uniform promotes a feeling of unity and a sense of belonging.

We are a culturally inclusive school, and we will always strive to meet cultural and religious requirements within our school dress code policy. Please note we would request parents provide written confirmation should they wish for their child to continue to wear religious jewellery during PE sessions due to the risks associated in wearing jewellery in sport

My Academy Uniform

• Pale Blue Shirt – long or short sleeved
• Ercall Wood Tie
• Black formal style skirt (to the knee) or
• Black Formal Straight Legged trousers for girls – see Appendix
• Black Formal trousers for boys– see Appendix for images
• Black sensible shoes – leather / leather type– No trainers or
canvas style shoes - see Appendix
• Academy blazer with Ercall Wood logo
• Outdoor coat

The following items are NOT part of school uniform and must not be worn

• 'Fashion' shirt/trousers/shoes/leggings/jean style/ skin tight trousers
• Trainers or canvas pumps
• Boots – knee length or ankle
• Non-academy sweatshirts and cardigans even if plain black
• Hoodies/baseball caps/tracksuit tops/casual jackets
• Body piercing – other than 1 plain stud in each ear lobe
• Jewellery - except a watch—Smart watches with links to mobile phones are not permitted.

The following items are also not allowed

• Make-up, including false eyelashes
• Nail Varnish and nail extensions
• Extremes fashion hairstyle (including colours; patterns and lines cut into hair), this will be at the discretion of the Principal and wider senior leadership team.


We would ask you to ensure that students arrive at school looking smart. We do not allow the following:
Strongly coloured or streaked hair
Shaven heads
Razor markings in the hair or eyebrows
Nail varnish/ fake nails
Body and facial piercings
Earrings (one pair of small stud earrings is allowed)

Muslim Students

Our Muslim students have slight changes to their dress code:-
Girls may wear a plain black hijab with the EWA school uniform of a blue shirt, a tie and blazer. Alternatively, a Black kameez may be worn with black trousers.
In PE may wear EWA tracksuit bottoms
Muslim boys should all wear the normal school uniform.


Small Ruler
Pencil Case
PE Kit /Dance kit (on the relevant, timetabled days)

Sports Uniform

Polo shirt with Ercall Wood logo
Black shorts with Ercall Wood logo
Royal blue socks
Ercall Wood tracksuit (if required)
White soled trainers for indoor PE

Please see examples of acceptable trouser, skirts and shoes.

The school uniform can be purchased through Baker & Son School Wear.