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Child Development Topics

Understand reproduction and the roles and responsibilities of parenthood

- The wide range of factors which affect the decision to have children
- Pre-conception health
- Roles and responsibilities of parenthood
- To recognise and evaluate methods of contraception, their efficiency and reliability,
- The structure and function of male and female reproductive systems

Understand antenatal care and preparation for birth

- The roles of the different health professionals supporting the pregnant mother
- The importance of antenatal and parenting classes
- Routine checks carried out at an antenatal clinic, including scans
- Specialised diagnostic tests
- The choices available for delivery
- The stages of labour and the methods of delivery, including pain relief

Understand postnatal checks, postnatal provision, and conditions for development

- The postnatal checks of the newborn baby
- The specific needs of the pre-term (premature) baby
- The postnatal provision available for the mother and baby and the postnatal needs of the family
- Conditions for development

Understand how to recognise, manage, and prevent childhood illnesses

- How immunity to disease and infection can be acquired,
- How to recognise and treat common childhood ailments and diseases
- When to seek treatment by a doctor, and when emergency medical help should be sought
- Diet-related illnesses
- The needs of an ill child
- How to prepare a child for a stay in hospital

Know about child safety

- How to create a safe, child-friendly environment
- Safety labelling
- To be aware of the most common childhood accidents
- Social safety and internet safety


Revision Resources

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