Ercall Wood Academy

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Strategic Leadership Team


Mr Richard Gummery


Miss Karen Athawes

Vice Principal

Mrs Lisa Fraser

Vice Principal

Mr Darren Andrews

Assistant Principal

Mr Ryan McCluskey

Assistant Principal

Mr Alex Raeside

Assistant Principal




Designated Safeguarding Lead
Designated Child Protection Lead



Art Teaching Staff
Ms G Hayman Subject Leader
Mrs R King Art Teacher
Ms C Foster Art Teacher
Mrs E Summers TA
English Teaching Staff
Miss  H Evans Subject Leader
Miss S Morris Associate Principal\English Teacher
Mr B Singh Lead Practitioner
Miss A Brodie English Teacher
Miss Z Arif English Teacher (Maternity)
Mr A Di Cesare English Teacher
Mr I Breeze English Teacher
Mr B Wright English Teacher
Mrs R Nathan English Teacher
Miss D Gray English Teacher
Mrs J Heath TA
Mrs D Brown TA
MFL Teaching Staff
Mrs S Bastow Subject Leader
Miss C Dymond MFL Teacher
Mrs S Marston-Jones MFL Teacher
Team 627
Mrs Z Ballard Team 627 Teacher
Mrs J Wood TA
Physical Education Teaching Staff
Mr W Smithson Subject Leader
Mr C Torr PE Teacher
Mrs S Morris PE Teacher
    PE Teacher
Miss J Cheshire TA
Learning Support Staff
Mrs A Weaving SENCo
Mrs  J Leese Assistant SENCo/ Des. Safeguarding Professional
Mrs C Lane TA
Mrs C McLafferty TA
Mrs H Edwards TA
Miss J Stock TA
Mr J Turley TA
Mrs K Drake TA
Mrs M Braden TA
Mrs T Walters TA (Maternity)
Technology / ICT Teaching Staff
Mr D Newton Subject Leader
Mrs J Taylor Assistant Subject Leader
Mrs R King D&T Teacher
Ms C Foster D&T Teacher
Mrs A Weaving ICT Teacher
Mr D Andrews Business Studies
    Computer Science
Mrs C Hopkinson Computer Science
Mrs E Harris ICT Teacher
Mr A Ventress TA
Humanities Teaching Staff
Ms A Burgum Subject Leader
    Geography Teacher
Mrs C Evans Head of History
Mr R Hatch History Teacher
Ms S Dyson History Teacher
Mrs M Jennings Head of RE
Mr C Syson RE Teacher
Mr R McCluskey Geography Teacher
Miss K Athawes History Teacher
Miss N Darrell TA
Mrs J Flegg TA
Maths Teaching Staff
Miss S Jones Subject Leader
Mr M Moseley Assistant Subject Leader / KS3 Lead
Ms L Woodhall Maths Teacher / KS4 Lead
Mrs M Lewis Maths Teacher
Mrs R Morley Addison Maths Teacher
Mr S Pritchard Maths Teacher
Mr T Hart-Mould Maths Teacher
Mrs L Williams Maths Teacher
Science Teaching Staff
Mr N Pollock Subject Leader
Mrs F Keohane Assistant Subject Leader
Mr A Raeside Science Teacher
Miss K Smith Science Teacher
Mr J Rounsley Science Teacher
Mrs C MacPhee Science Teacher
Mrs L Fraser Science Teacher
    Science Teacher
Miss G Fisher Science Teacher
Mr M Davies Science Teacher
Mrs J Seed TA
Performing Arts Teaching Staff
Mrs A Bowater Subject Leader (Performing Arts)
    Subject Leader (Music)
    Dance Teacher
Pastoral Staff
Ms A Brodie KS3 Leader
Mrs R Morley-Addison KS4 Leader
Mrs K Rutter Student Support Manager y7
Mrs C Stevens Student Support Manager y8
Mrs L Kelly Student Support Manager y9
    Student Support Manager y10
Mrs K Meiklejohn Student Support Manager y11
Mrs A Murray Pastoral Administrator
    Attendance Officer
Mr A Rawsthorne Education Welfare Officer
Miss L Moore Looked after Children / Des. Child Protection Assistant
    ARC KS4 Lead
Miss A Warrington ARC KS3 Lead / Transition
Admin Staff
Mrs R Moore Operations Manager
Mrs T Hoof Senior Administrator
Mrs T Bates Senior Administrator
Mrs P Roden Senior Administrator
Miss A Goodall PA to Headteacher / Finance Assistant
Mr M Shadab Data Manager
Mrs S Poole Receptionist
Mrs S Sherry  Resources
Technical Staff
Mr M Cooke ICT Technician
Mrs H Strickland DT Technician
Mrs L Sylvester Lead Science Technician
Mrs J Windsor Senior Science Technician
Mr J Hoof Site Manager
Mr S Jarema Assistant Site Manager
Mr L Jackson D&T/Art Technician
Lunch Time Supervisors
Mrs C Forrester LTS
Mrs P Heinemann LTS
Mrs T Davies LTS
Mrs  C Braddick LTS
Mrs  J Price LTS
Miss E Williams LTS
Mrs  H Defoe LTS
Mrs  K Whittaker LTS
Mrs  P Bezer LTS