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Dear Students,

I am really pleased to welcome you into our team at Ercall Wood Academy. I am looking forward to meeting you all in person as soon as we can and making you feel at ease about the transition into secondary education.

I have an amazing team of staff, who will be working alongside you to make your transition as smooth and worry-free as possible. They are available to answer any questions or queries you have.

Ercall Wood Academy is an excellent place to learn and be the very best version of yourself; we have very high aspirations for all our students and you will be pushed and supported to achieve your full potential and contribute positively to the culture of our school.

Mr N. Murphy
Ercall Wood Academy

Mrs L Dungey - Year Lead


My Name is Mrs Dungey and I will be your year lead throughout your journey at Ercall Wood Academy.

My job is to support you and to ensure your time here with us at Ercall Wood Academy is enjoyable, rewarding and successful.

I imagine you are all feeling some nerves as well as excitement about your transition into secondary school, this is normal so please don’t worry.

If you have any questions, worries or concerns then please do get in touch. I’m really looking forward to meeting you all during some of our transition events and then in September when your secondary school journey starts.

Have a wonderful summer holidays, keep safe and well and I will see you all very soon.


Miss Warrington - Transition co-ordinator

My name is Miss Warrington, and my roles here at Ercall Wood are ‘Transition Coordinator’ and ‘Learning Mentor’ I have loved going around all the primary schools and meeting you and chatting to your teachers.

I especially like helping others, I am a kind, patient, and a great listener.

I love spending time with my family and friends, I enjoy the sunshine and relaxation. I am really looking forward to seeing you all in September and guiding you along through your new journey.



Meet your form tutors

Form 7R   70   7Y   7B
Form tutor Sarah Dyson   Derick Newton   Connor Fowler   Claire Hopkinson
  2HIS2   1ICT1   GSc6   2HIS1
Message from you form tutor

Hello everyone, I am Miss Dyson and I teach history!
I have never had a form group from year 7 and I’m excited to get to meet you all and chose a form mascot.
I love hiking and camping and would love to get to know what you like to do when you are not in school.
See you all soon!


My name is Mr Newton, and I am delighted to be your Year 7 form tutor this year. I wanted to take a few moments to introduce myself and share some information with you. As your form tutor, I will be your main point of contact and support throughout the year. My role is to guide and assist you in your academic and personal development, as well as help create a positive and inclusive classroom environment.
In addition to being your form tutor, I also teach ICT, Food Technology and Product Design. I have over fifteen years of experience at Ercall Wood, and I am excited to share my knowledge and help you excel in your studies.
Throughout the year, we will have form time sessions where we will discuss important topics, address any concerns or questions you may have, and engage in activities that promote teamwork, respect, and personal development. I encourage you to actively participate and make the most out of these sessions.
I am here to support your individual goals and aspirations, so please don't hesitate to reach out to me if you need assistance or have any questions. Together, as a form group, we will create a supportive and inclusive community where everyone feels valued and respected.
As your form, tutor I am confident that we will have a fantastic year filled with growth, learning, and memorable experiences. Let's make the most of it!


  Hi Year 7, my name is Mr Fowler and, like yourselves, I will be new to the school in September so we can help each other!
I am a science teacher who loves rock climbing. The views at the end are amazing! If I’m not up a mountain, you might find me drawing instead.
I’m looking forward to getting involved in all the great clubs the school has to offer and look forward to seeing plenty of you at them too.

Welcome to an exciting new chapter of your academic journey! My name is Mrs Hopkinson and I am a ICT Teacher. I have worked at Ercall Wood Academy for several years and as your form tutor, I will be your guide, mentor and advocate, helping you navigate through challenges and triumphs of your first year of secondary school.
Starting secondary school is an important milestone in your lives, and I want to assure you that you are in a supportive and nurturing environment. Together, we will create a positive and inclusive classroom community where each and every one of you feels valued, respected and motivated to reach your full potential.
Your form class is not just a place to start and end the day; it is a place where friendships are formed, and lasting memories are created. We will celebrate your achievements, support each other during challenging times, and learn from one another. I encourage you to embrace this opportunity to forge new friendships, appreciate different cultures and backgrounds, and build a strong sense of unity as a form.



Form  7G    7P    7T 7S  
Form tutor Mary Jennings & Ruth Laurie   Joe Costidell   Rob Fleetwood & Kam Samra Charlotte McGiffin  
  2Ethics1   2HIS3   1HIS4 1M1  
Message from you form tutor

I am really pleased to be a Year 7 tutor, especially as it is 7 Green. I am Head of ETHICS which focuses on our beliefs and values. I am a passionate supporter of green issues. That is why I hope you will be helping me with my many recycling projects including plastic bottles, bottle tops and crisp packets to mention but a few!
In my spare time I enjoy walking with my two dogs, Penny, and Tigger on Cannock Chase. I also help my daughter with her horses and pony.
Another passion is historical buildings, my favourite place is Chatsworth House where we go as a family since it is halfway between my home and my other daughter’s home in Yorkshire.
I am a big fan of Chester Zoo and am looking forward to taking some of our Year 9 and 10 students there later this term.



Hi Year 7 and my future form! My name is Mr Costidell and I can’t wait to meet you all very soon.
I’m a history teacher here at Ercall Wood. You will recognise my room quite early with my History Through Netflix display, showing all the greatest films and TV shows throughout time.
I was born in Wales, I have lived in Canada and travelling is my favourite activity in the world. I am currently planning a school trip to Berlin for GCSE students, and hopefully you’ll also be on this trip in a few years to explore history across Europe!


Hi I’m Mr Samra and I teach Maths. This coming year I look forward to sharing 7 Turquoise with Mr Fleetwood. I have been at Ercall Wood since last September, and have enjoyed my time here to date.
I am married and have two daughters aged 12 and 14. I am a big Wolverhampton Wanderers fan and attend most games.
I have also had the opportunity of living and working in France for three years, which looking back was a fantastic experience.

Hello Year 7, my name is Mrs McGiffin-Boath and I am a German and Ethics teacher.
I love anything to do with languages and History, I speak 5 languages (English, German, French, Spanish and Welsh) and in my spare time I love exploring historic sites. In particular I love visiting steam railways!
In my spare time I enjoy crochet and knitting and I love being creative.
I have been teaching at Ercall Wood Academy for 2 years and I love being here and teaching our fantastic students!

We are proud of our curriculum, which is broad, balanced and ensures that every student has the opportunity to reach his or her full potential. Moving from primary to secondary school can be a daunting prospect for children and for their parents! Excellent links with our partner primary schools and our enhanced transition and pastoral care programme ensure this journey is smooth and stress-free. Many of your children will already know many of us. There are many opportunities for year 5 and year 6 students to visit us for taster sessions, lessons and extracurricular activities. In year 7, all our students are assigned a Form Tutor who will very quickly get to know your child as an individual.

Here at Ercall Wood Academy we are committed to supporting your children through the transition process right from year 5 through to year 7. Our Transition Coordinator provides ‘in school’ support helping children to overcome anxieties and other concerns that they have during their transition. Taster lessons provide the opportunity to develop an awareness of different surroundings, adults, routines and equipment.

We offer intake days which have been very successful as the children are able to experience a more varied timetable which is heavily supported by our Peer Mentors. Ercall Wood Academy has a nationally recognised Peer Mentoring Programme which provides students in older year groups as mentors and friends to year 7 pupils. We understand that there are large differences between the Primary and Secondary phases and we pride ourselves in reaching out to all the needs of our young people.

Here is an example timetable

Information Leaflet

Parent Guide Moving to Secondary School

Meet your sports team and what they specialise in

Mr Torr     Mr Hickman
Boys and Girls Rugby, Cricket, Dodgeball     Boys and Girls Football, Athletics

Meet your Performing arts team and what they specialise in

Mrs Bowater  


Games clubs and other activities


Introduction to the Technology Department 

Mr Newton   Mr Newton
Introduction D&T   Introduction ICT

The change from Year 6 to Year 7 can be huge and is a big jump for many children.

Here are some questions and answers that we feel will make the move easier for you.


It normally takes no more than three to four weeks to get your bearings. There will be lots of people willing to help you in Year 7 because they know what it feels like when you join the academy. The most important thing is to try and keep as calm as possible and ask when you are not sure about something, however silly you think it might seem.
In the first term you will get to meet lots of students with similar interests and the same sense of humour as you. It does not take long for friendship groups to join up and before you know it your circle of friends gets bigger and bigger.
The teachers and staff at Ercall Wood Academy will be more than happy to help you if you need some extra explanation about something you are studying. It is important that you speak to your subject teacher or tutor if you are worried about any aspect of your learning. If it is homework that is causing you to worry, then ask your parents/carers to contact the academy by writing in your student planner or to contact us via the school email address. You can also attend homework club after school which runs from 3.00pm until 4.00pm and there are staff there who will help you if you are stuck.
There is a wide selection of options available in the canteen. We serve breakfast from 8.30am each day: bacon/sausage baps, croissants, hot drinks. At lunch time you will find hot and cold options; you can make a sub roll of your choice or choose pizza, fried chicken, salad pots, pasta pots. There is a daily hot meal and pudding and these vary each day. Fish and chips are always a favourite! Hot and cold drinks are also available and slushy drinks are popular during the summer months.
All students are asked to be in their form room at 8.50am ready for morning registration with their form tutor. It’s important to be on time as this is when lots of announcements are made explaining what’s happening around the school. If you arrive after 8.50am you have to sign in at the late gate where you are given a late pass; you then have to pay back however minutes you were late at first break in the main hall. If you don’t pay back your minutes you will be issued with a 30 minute after school detention. Punctuality is important so make sure you arrive for school on time.
The school has a total ban on mobile phones on the school site. If you are seen with a mobile phone by any staff member you will be asked to hand it over and you can collect it from reception at the end of the day or your parents/carers may be asked to come into school and collect it for you. Please don’t bring mobile phones onto the school site.
There are many trips that happen at school. They range from day trips to week-long residential trips. In previous years these have included skiing trips in Austria, city trips to New York and Germany. Different departments within school run educational trips to theatres and museums. The English department run a trip to Harry Potter studios as well. At the end of each academic year we have end of year trips for positive behaviour these can be to theme parks, swimming, bowling, and paint ball and there is a reward trip at the end of each term; this may be to the cinema, ice-skating or another fun activity.
Each student is allocated a locker for which you can keep your coat bag and books in. They are usually in the area close to your form room, so everything is at hand when you need it at the beginning of the day. You pay a £5.00 refundable deposit which is retuned to you at the end of Year 11.
You will have been given a timetable explaining what lessons you have each day, so hopefully you will be ready and prepared. However if you do forget your PE kit, just speak to a member of the PE staff and they will find you some clean kit that you can borrow for the lesson. It’s always a good idea to bring your kit and leave it in your locker on a Monday and take it home with you to get washed on a Friday.
We deal with bullying seriously at Ercall Wood Academy. Every school has some children that are unkind to others and at Ercall Wood we want you to tell a member of staff, Peer Mentor or your parents if anything upsets you. We believe that if we deal with it right at the start, it stops it from getting a big worry that may upset you even more. Always remember to be kind and treat other people how you would like to be treated yourselves. We always deal with bullying and we will always listen and support.

We hope that these questions and answers have helped you. Always remember, it is ok to ask any staff member or Peer Mentor at Ercall Wood Academy for help.

We have put together the workbook below for you to complete alongside your parent/carers. You will need to download the file and save it onto your computer to be able to fill in the text boxes and upload images to it. Once completed be sure to save it ready to send to us.

Year 6 Workbook


We have also created a Google Form in order for you to be able to upload the completed workbook so we can review it at Ercall Wood. Please use the link below to access the form (Please note - you will need a Google Account in order to use the form)

Year 6 Work Upload