Ercall Wood Academy

Empower | Respect | Aspire

The course is divided into 3 components:

PERFORMANCE (30% OF GCSE) - What’s assessed:

- 1 x Set Phrase solo performance (Breathe) (Assessed 19th October)

- Solo/Duet/Trio Performance (Assessed Tuesday 15th December)

Students are now only required to perform one set phrase (Breathe) instead of two and perform as either a solo/duet/trio performance as chosen by teacher. Students will be assessed on a combined minimum duration of one and a half minutes if all solo performances or two minutes if including part of a group or duet/trio).

Preparation for this component will take part in lesson time. Intervention is available every Tuesday after school till 4.15pm. The students will also need to rehearse in their own time making sure that they are demonstrating physical, technical, expressive and mental skills. Students can practice the set phrase Breathe to any music which is 105 bpm (songs include Usher – Yeah, Unbelievable – EMF, or they can practice to the metronome by typing in GCSE Dance metronome on youtube).

Students will have a rehearsal on Monday 14th December during the daytime for their Solo/Duet/Trio performance exam.


CHOREOGRAPHY (30% of GCSE) – What’s assessed:

(Assessed March. Assessment Date TBC)

Students will choreograph either a complete solo dance of at least one and a half minutes in duration or a complete group dance of at least two minutes in duration. This can be performed by the student or by someone else.

Students will choose a stimulus from the given list from the exam board, to use as a starting point to create their choreography.

Preparation for this component will take part in both lesson time and after school rehearsals. Students will be able to book rehearsal slots in the studio/hall to rehearse. Intervention is also available Tuesday after school till 4pm.



-Students will complete a 1 hour 30 minute written exam paper with a total of 80 marks

What’s assessed: 
- Knowledge and understanding of choreographic processes and performing skills
- Critical appreciation of own work
- Critical appreciation of professional works


Students have been studying the following pieces for critical appreciation of professional works:

- Emanticipation of Expressionsim
- A Linha Curva
- Shadows
- Artificial Things
- Infra
- Within Her Eyes

Written exam paper (1 hour 30 minutes)


Section A

Relates to the knowledge and understanding of choreographic processes and performing skills. Questions will relate to a given stimulus for students to write a response.


Section B

Relates to the critical appreciation of own work. Questions will relate to the students’ own experience of performance, or choreography or both from within the course.


Section C

Relates to the critical appreciation of professional works and students will answer questions relating to the GCSE Dance Anthology (the 6 professional works the students have been studying). Students must be able to critically analyse, evaluate and identify similarities and differences and explain and justify their own opinions with reasoning.


Support Available

Preparation for this component will be in lesson time and after school intervention on Tuesdays.

- Students have also been given an Arts pool revision booklet with sample exam questions in and exercises.

- Mind maps and knowledge organisers for each professional work available from the department