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OFQUAL have proposed some changes to exams due to Covid-19 but the expectation is that exams will take place in the Summer of 2021. It is essential that our Year 11 students are fully prepared so please use the links below to see how the academy can support our Year 11 students.

Centre-Assessed examinations (Mocks) for Year 11 students are scheduled for November 2020. The full timetable is now available here. These exams will allow students to start revising early, to practise effective revision strategies, improve their knowledge, familiarise themselves with the pressure and act as a guide moving forward.

They are vital to allow students to test their current ability in their subjects and allows them to identify the areas where more work is needed or practise their exam technique.


Results do matter!


Centre-Assessed examinations (mocks) have always been used as a benchmark and as an indicator to the actual papers that will be sat in the Summer. With the cancellation of exams last summer due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Centre-assessed exams were used as a significant piece of evidence when teachers were asked to use their professional judgement to award a Centre-Assessed grade for our students. With the uncertainty of how the Covid-19 pandemic will impact on this years exams, it is essential that students perform to the best of their ability in the November Centre-Assessed exams.


Please click the image below to access the Centre Assessed Exams (CAE) Timetable









3.15 - 4.15


Creative i-media

Computer Science
Combined Science

Week A
Maths - Aspen, Birch, Elm & Poplar
English - Ash, Elder, Beech & Pine

Week B
Maths - Ash, Elder, Beech & Pine
English - Aspen, Birch, Elm & Poplar

Dance – Week A only
Food Technology
Product Design
Child Development


This intervention schedule runs until Friday 18th December 2020.

Revision Resources

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The government’s expectation is that exams will take place in the summer of 2021. OFQUAL consulted on proposals for changes to exams and assessments next year, given the disruption and potential for on-going public health safeguards, and have developed a package of measures. These proposed changes still need to be clarified by the exam boards. These changes include:

Assessment will be based on portfolio only, with exam boards permitted to carry out moderation of photographic or digital portfolios.

Pupils will be able to cover required apparatus and techniques through observations of demonstrations or simulations.

Pupils will be allowed to undertake their programming project in unsupervised time.

For the performance assessment, pupils won’t be required to perform as part of a group, and will be assessed via a complete “unedited audio-visual recording of the performed dances from the perspective of the audience”.

For the choreography assessment, exam boards will be able to accept “alternative evidence to illustrate the intended final piece, the choreographic intent and how that was developed”.

Exam boards will “provide clarification” about their requirements.

Exam boards will be able to accept mock-ups and/or “clear and detailed intentions of prototypes”. The boards will “provide clarification” about their requirements.

Demonstration of using machinery, tools and processes will be permitted.

Live performance statement will be satisfied through “streamed or recorded performances”, and exam boards will be able to accept “alternative evidence” to illustrate pupils’ intended devised performance.

For text-based performances, exam boards will be allowed to accept either a complete and unedited audio-visual recording or a “presentation of each discrete aspect/each student’s individual contribution”.

For both NEA elements, participation in a monologue will be permitted. Exam boards will “provide clarification” about their requirements.

There will be no requirement for recordings of spoken language assessment for exam board monitoring.

Instead, the assessment will be allowed to take place before a single teacher representing an “audience”. Spoken assessments can also be taken at any time during the course and “by virtual means”.

Schools will be given a choice of topics on which students have to answer questions in exams.

A Shakespeare play will make up a “minimum common core”, which all pupils will be assessed on, and schools will be able to choose two more options from poetry, 19th century novel and fiction/drama from the British Isles from 1914.

However, the document states that exam boards can add to the core “if they wish”.

NEA1 will be removed, and earlier release of NEA2 will be permitted. Requirements for NEA2 will be reduced to two dishes to be completed within three hours (not two as originally proposed), to allow for students to use “complex processes such as baking, lamination, making ice-cream and to accommodate public health restrictions”.

Schools will no longer have to make a written statement declaring that pupils have been given the opportunity to undertake two days of fieldwork.

Pupils will also not have to answer questions in the exam relating to their own fieldwork experience

Schools will be given a choice of topics on which students have to answer questions in exams.

As with English literature, there will be a core topic identified for each specification, but schools will have choices beyond that.

Ofqual is removing the requirement for assessments to use words outside vocabulary lists, and will “permit glossing where necessary whilst maintaining level of knowledge and accuracy needed for the highest grades”.

The spoken-language assessment will be an endorsement reported on a three-point scale (pass, merit, distinction) and will be assessed by teachers during the course of study.

Exam boards will also be allowed to include an additional optional question in the writing assessment “which would enable students to focus on fewer themes in their writing”.

For the performance assessment, there will be no requirement for pupils to perform as part of an ensemble. Pupils will need to submit a complete and unedited recording of their live performances, and the score or lead sheet for that performance “where available”.

For the composition assessment, the composition may be in response to an exam board brief or freely-composed, and pupils will have to submit a “complete recording” of each composition with a score, lead sheet or written account of the composition produced by the pupil.

However, the pupil does not have to perform their own compositions, and recordings may be computer-generated.

Exam boards will “provide clarification” about their requirements.

Exam boards will be allowed to reduce their requirements to just two activities, and allow both to be individual. Remote moderation of video evidence will be permitted for all activities.

Boards have also been told they can explore relaxation of requirements for provision of evidence “for example, type and quality of videoed evidence and the evidence of participation in competitive sport”.

Will there be exams in Summer 2021?

Yes. The expectation is that students will sit their GCSE exams in summer 2021. 


Will there be any changes to exams in Summer 2021?

OFQUAL have proposed some changes to exams due to Covid-19. These can be found on the Government updates. Exam boards are yet to release the full details of these changes but we will continue to update our website when the details are released.  


What extra sessions can Year 11 students attend?

Year 11 students can attend the Yr 11 after school Sessions at 3.15-4.15pm.  See the intervention schedule 


Where can Year 11 students buy revision guides?

We sell a number of the revision guides at school. Students should see their classroom teacher for information or click the revision guides link.


Where can Year 11 students find revision resources?

Students should discuss revision with their class teacher. Teachers have also put a large variety of resources on sharepoint for students to access.


Who can Year 11 students see if they are worried about missing out on work?

Students who are worried about their work need to discuss their concerns with their class teacher in the first instance. Students can also talk to their Student support Manager Mrs D McCabe or their KS4 Lead Mrs Morley-Addison.




We have lots of information on our careers section on the school website, please visit the link below to access the information


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