Ercall Wood Academy

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Core subjects 

These subjects are compulsory:

Combined Science is for Pathway B students                                                 Triple Science is for Pathway A students

English Baccalaureate (EBACC) GCSE subjects

A humanity subject and a language subject must be gained at a grade 5 or above alongside English Language, Mathematics and Science in order to gain the additional English Baccalaureate.  

All students must make a choice between Geography and History (option block 1).

If a student wishes to study both Geography and History they must choose History from block 1 and Geography from block 2.

All Pathway A students will gain a language, students in Pathway B must opt for German within the open option blocks.

GCSE Option subjects

The following subjects are GCSE qualifications that can be chosen within blocks 2 and 3.  GCSE subjects have greater weighting of assessment through examinations.

Vocational option subjects

The following subjects are vocational in nature and have a greater emphasis on practical content and coursework based assessment.  These can be chosen in blocks 2 & 3.

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