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Cashless Lunch Payment

Ercall Wood Academy students use a cashless payment system to purchase food and drinks from the canteen. This minimises students’ need to carry money around site (thus reducing the risk of losing it!) and creates a fast, hygienic method of payment during our busy lunch and break times.

Parents/Carers should send their child to school on Monday with enough money for the week ahead. Children then add this cash to their account using machines around school, and pay for their meals using just their fingerprint.

Please note, our canteen does not accept cash – only payment using the fingerprint system. Our office cannot always supply change, so please ensure your child has the correct money to add to their account.


Telford & Wrekin Education Catering Team have proved instructions on how to add funds to your child’s account and view the balance.

The following link will give you direct access to the ‘pay for it’ part of the Telford & Wrekin website where you will find the link to ‘Pay for your child’s school meals’ or ‘Check your school meals balance’. you can also access this by going onto

and going down to the bottom of the page where you will find a box called ‘Pay for it’ and link at the bottom called ‘All Payments’.

Before you can start using the E-Payments you will need a Pupil Reference number: 5402006094

From the first drop down box, choose the correct school and press select next to the box.

After pressing select you will now be able to click and choose child school meals from the second drop down box, once this is done press select.

Now enter the pupil reference number you received from the school.

Now you can enter the child’s name, how much you wish to pay and your address details. Once done, press the ‘Pay’ button at the bottom of the page.

Once this is done you should be taken through to a new page, if you receive an error it will show at the top of the page.

The next page you will come to is the payments page. This is where you will need to enter your card details for the payment. Once done you will be taken to a confirmation screen to show your payment was successful

Please note on this screen you can enter your email address and will be emailed a receipt for this transaction. This will help with any queries about the payment you have made

If you have any further issues with this payment system or the Online Balance Checker you can call us on 01952 380918 where a member of staff will be able to assist you with your enquiry.

Schools payment screenshot