Ercall Wood Academy

Excellence through challenge and initiative

Ethos Aims & Values

Our children deserve an environment in which they can flourish and achieve their potential, empowering them to change their lives and the lives of those around them for the better, no matter what their academic or social starting point.

From the moment they walk through our doors, our children will experience a highly personalised, modern curriculum, rich in variety and diversity, yet underpinned by traditional values. Not only will children learn to broaden their horizons academically, driven by inspirational and innovative teaching, they will also be given a safe, supportive and stimulating setting to explore and clarify their own beliefs and values and learn to think and speak for themselves. They will learn about their cultural heritage and be proud of the role that our community has played, and will continue to play, in the development of Telford.

Our staff will hold high expectations of our children and challenge them to release their potential, find new talents and inspire them to become life-long learners in order for them to succeed in further education and thrive in pursuit of their future aspirations. In return our children will also hold high expectations of themselves, appreciate the importance of their education and respect their peers’ right to learn; every lesson counts.

Our children will ensure that they make the right choices for themselves and their families, to ensure they get the most from their education. Our staff will support them in making the right choices, recognising the individual needs of all and look to parents and carers to support us in ensuring our children are gaining the most from their education. Our children will take pride in themselves, in our school and in our community, embrace the diversity amongst us and work together to achieve beyond their personal best through trust, honesty and tolerance.

Learning requires hard work; our children will become more resilient and independent as they grow through the school to ensure they can tackle any challenges in their future lives. They will develop good functional literacy, numeracy, ICT, life and employment skills throughout their academic studies. Our children will recognise the importance of making mistakes during their studies in order for them to learn and will take ownership over ensuring those mistakes are corrected, guided by our staff.

Outside of the classroom, our children will be provided with creative, exciting and memorable experiences to support their wider learning of the world around them. Their efforts and achievements across the school, and in the wider community, will be recognised and celebrated through a valued rewards system.

Through enjoyment of education, our children will create long lasting positive memories of their time at Ercall Wood Academy. Happy, confident and engaged children become successful, content and aspirant adults. Our children’s success today will prepare them for tomorrow so that they can confidently take an active and successful role in our local, national and global community, thus ensuring a brighter future for all.

Homework has a key role to play in ensuring every student reaches their full potential. It supports and extends the work covered in lessons and encourages independent learning skills and time management. Each student is provided with a student diary providing information relating to the academy and our expectations.