Ercall Wood Academy

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Year 8 Parents Evening

Dear Parent / Carer

Due to the ongoing issues relating to the Covid 19 pandemic, and the restrictions placed upon the academy with regard to visitors into the building, we regret to inform you we are unable to offer the usual opportunity to meet with your child’s subject teachers at a Parents Evening consultation. The Y8 Parent’s Evening had been scheduled to occur on Wednesday 11th November, but this will now be replaced with telephone consultations between yourselves and your child’s Form Tutor or Student Support Manager. These calls will be over the course of several afternoons during the week from Tuesday 10th November – Friday 13th November and will occur between 3.30-6.30pm.

Your child’s form tutor will be able to provide you with an overview of how well your child is working in all of their subject areas, but they will not at this point be able to report on academic progress. A report detailing attainment in all subject areas will be published later in the term and this will be available via the ‘My Child At School’ portal. Subject teachers are being asked to comment on the level of ‘effort’ that students are applying within their lesson. The effort gradings awarded by subject teachers will be formulated using the ‘Reward and Sanction’ point totals for each subject, plus each teachers knowledge of your child’s participation; contribution and commitment to the learning that takes place in lessons and with the completion of homework. The ‘effort’ grading we have developed reflects our core values of aspire, empower and respect as well as clearly aligning with the restructured behaviour strategy. We are encouraging staff to share this approach with their students by using the grading tool as part of a self-assessment activity in forthcoming lessons.  

The criteria for ‘effort’ are as follows:

Excellent Effort

Excellent effort means being committed to getting the most out of all learning opportunities available. It is what all students should aim for. 

A student making excellent effort: 

  • Excellent participation in the lesson at all times, and fully engaged in learning receiving STAR points every lesson.
  • Empowered to take responsibility for their own learning journey and embrace all learning opportunities.
  • Actively seeks and responds to feedback and aspires to do their best in all aspects of their learning.
  • Shows great determination and views setbacks and mistakes as opportunities to learn. 
  • Manages their time, respects all aspects of the academy and works efficiently and is an excellent role model who is highly disciplined.
  • Uses their initiative in a range of situations without always having to be told what to do. 
  • Consistently works above expectations (awarded ERA points) 


Good Effort

Good effort means being a responsible and hardworking student who tries their best all of the time.

A student making good effort:

  • Shows a good interest in their learning and is attentive, respectful, and focused receiving STAR points in nearly all lessons.
  • Responds well to feedback and completes work to the expected standard
  • Aspires to achieve and is willing to persevere when things are difficult
  • Takes responsibility for their work, is well organised and respectful
  • Willingly does what is asked of them and sometimes more.


Inconsistent Effort

Inconsistent effort means that a student is probably doing most of what they are supposed to do but is failing to push themselves or make the most of the opportunities available. 

A student making inconsistent effort:

  • Often participates in lessons and is generally focused and mostly well behaved, receiving star points but not consistently.
  • May not try hard enough to improve their work after feedback.
  • Does not aspire to make the most of the learning opportunities but does the minimum that is asked of them.
  • May have received some negative points for failing to meet expectations
  • Sometimes makes a Good level of effort but this is not consistent.


Poor Effort

Poor effort means that a student needs intervention to become a more responsible learner.

A student making poor effort:

  • Makes little effort to be involved in the learning and may disrupt the learning of others instead.
  • Frequently receives negative points.
  • Fails to act on feedback provided and as a result may not make much progress.
  • Reluctant to persevere when challenged and will give up without really trying.
  • Spends an inadequate amount of time on tasks and may produce poor work as a result.
  • Does not always show respect and takes little pride in their work.
  • Takes little or no responsibility for their own learning or behaviour.


We believe, although not face to face these discussions will provide you with a clear understanding of how well your child is achieving across all subject areas and, coupled with the form tutors knowledge of your child, the picture of their progress thus far in Y8 should be a full one.

Should you wish to discuss the effort gradings issued by individual subject teachers we would encourage you to make contact with these members of staff via the usual methods of contact, phone or email. The subject teachers will then be able to provide you with more specific advice and information relating to the issues and concerns they may have regarding the effort shown by your child in their lessons.

Yours faithfully


Karen Athawes

Vice Principal