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Year 7 - 9 Teams Meetings

Dear Parent / Carer


Over the weeks of Lockdown the Pastoral Team; including Form Tutors and the Learning Support team have endeavoured to make regular contact with yourselves and your children. This has been via phone and email, and for some students via Microsoft TEAMS to enable a ‘face to face’ dialogue. The facility to undertake this method is now available to all students and we are scheduling Form Tutor TEAMs meetings for all students in years 7/ 8 and 9 for the week beginning 5th July.


We would ask that you assist your son or daughter to access the TEAMS Meeting by undertaking the following:

  1. Please remind them to access the Show My Homework announcement which will appear as a notification when they log in the SMH
  2. Where possible please allow your child access to the home laptop or web enabled device for them to log in to the TEAMs meeting at the allocated day and time.
  3. Remind your son or daughter that they must use their real name when logging in to the meeting and not a ‘nickname’. This will enable us to record their attendance at the session.


Your child will be sent a ‘web link’ to their SMH account which will direct them to the TEAMS meeting. The meeting; lasting approximately 30 minutes, will be hosted by their form Tutor or Student Support manager, and there will be up to 7 students in any one group. Students are requested to keep their microphones muted when they are not directly addressing the member of staff leading the session.


We appreciate that the need for IT access is paramount with regard to this method of communication and for those parents who are unable to facilitate this we will make contact with your child using the telephone after the TEAMS meetings have been undertaken.


Yours faithfully


Karen Athawes

Deputy Headteacher