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Update 03.07.20

Dear Parents,

Welcome to Friday and July, the end of the Summer Term is rapidly approaching! This has been a very unusual end to the school year, as normally we would have masses of trips, visits and events going on involving hundreds of children and young people. We promise this will all return as quickly as possible!


The significant news of the week is the Government’s announcement yesterday for the full opening of schools in September. As I said last week, there will be a return for all children and young people to school full-time from the beginning of the Autumn Term. School will be compulsory for all children. This is absolutely vital so that we can get education back on track for our 4000+ children in our schools across the Trust.


We have to manage this safely and follow the guidelines so we can operate as normally as possible, ensuring cleaning and good hygiene continue to have a very high focus to reduce risk. We are working through the detail at the moment, but we do know there will be staggered start and finish times for year groups, as well as staggered breaks and lunches during the day. We are directed to offer the full curriculum and we will focus on how we do this and maintain children in groups or bubbles, reducing interactions between groups. None of this is straightforward, we will be sending information to you by the end of term, and there will be updates during the school holidays as September approaches.


We understand these measures will be in place for the Autumn Term and we will receive further guidance over time as, hopefully, the virus continues to reduce in impact. This also is critically dependant on the public continuing to follow the national guidelines around social distancing and staying safe.


Next week we have children returning to primary in Y1-Y5, in half classes of 15, to meet their new teacher and have some time in class before the summer. We are delighted we have been able to do this, we have had a fantastic response from parents and we are expecting high numbers across Wrekin View and HLC Primary. We say goodbye to our lovely Y6’s and wish them every success as they move to their new secondary school next term.


Y10 continue to have very high attendance at Charlton, Ercall Wood and HLC Secondary and this time has been invaluable in starting to catch them up in their subjects, as well as dealing with anxieties and worries about next year. Key students in Y10 are receiving laptops, through the government-funded scheme, this week and next.


Children and parents in Y7-Y9 are being contacted so they feel they have had a proper conversation with their school before the break.


Queensway has seen more and more students return to school. They are starting some transition work with students joining Queensway in September so they are well supported ready for September.


Key staff in all the schools are preparing summer food vouchers for parents and you will receive these before the summer holidays.


We have a lot to do over the next two weeks and in the summer holidays preparing for September, and we will keep you updated as we finalise our plans.


My best wishes to you and your family.

Dr. Gill Eatough