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Modern Foreign Languages

Modern Foreign Languages Curriculum Intent

At Ercall Wood Academy our pupils develop a curiosity and fascination in discovering the world and its people, as well as having an interest and intention to travel in order to deepen their understanding of different cultures and societies. They will have developed a passion and commitment to the subject. They will have an understanding of the ways in which languages are interconnected and in which languages play a part in our daily lives.  Pupils will develop an extensive core of vocabulary and grammatical structures which will be learned and regularly practiced and assessed so that students are confident communicators in a variety of contexts across all 4 language skills (listening/speaking/reading/writing). They will be curious learners with the confidence to mould the language to their specific needs. They will ask questions about structure and think critically about how the language works.  The foundations laid in KS3 will help them to go on to succeed in KS4.

At the end of KS4, our pupils will have the knowledge and understanding to enable them to apply what they know to both familiar and unfamiliar contexts from family life to ethical issues and the world of work. This will help them to go on to achieve their potential, not just at A Level and in Higher Education but as global citizens living in a dynamic and interdependent world. Linguists at Ercall Wood Academy will have an appreciation for the world they live in and a deep understanding of their place in an ever-changing multi-cultural society. Through a knowledge rich curriculum, pupils will acquire the skills needed to develop the four main skills of reading, writing, speaking and listening in the target language.   The invaluable communication skills and creativity developed through learning a foreign language will foster a   deeper understanding and appreciation of other cultures on a local, national and international stage.

Mrs S Bastow (Head of Department)
Mrs   S Marston-Jones Mrs    C Dymond

Year 7 – trip to the German Christmas Market in Birmingham


Year 8 – Language residential trip to Trier in Germany (5 days)


Key Stage 4 (year 8 and 9) – language residential trip to Cologne in Germany (3 days) or

                                                  Cross-curricular (German and Humanities) residential trip to Berlin in Germany (4 days)

Key Stage 3

Students are set a regular HWK during years 7 and 8. Learning HWK (vocabulary and Grammar learning) is set every lesson and tested 2 out of 4 lessons. Written HWK is set once a fortnight. Quizlet is used to support and help students with vocabulary and Grammar learning. Students should spend around 25-30mins on HWK to ensure their progress in subject.


Key Stage 4

Students are set a regular HWK in years 9, 10 and 11 (GCSE). Learning HWK (vocabulary and Grammar learning) is set every lesson and tested at least 3 out of 5 lessons. Written HWK is set once or twice a fortnight depending on the topic taught. Quizlet and duolingo app are used to support students’ independent learning and revision, based on the topics of study in the classroom. Teachers may issue supplementary homeworks alongside Quizlet.

GCSE Revision guides and texts for students to purchase

Modern Foreign Languages curriculum Overview - Summer 2020








Summer A

Gute Reise/Travel (saying what there is/isn't in a town; talking about souvenirs and holiday plans; buying snacks and drinks; writing at length about a topic)

Wir gehen aus/ Going out (discussing clothes and style; talking about plans for a date; talking about getting ready to go out and how the date went; talking about uniforms; researching Fairtrade labels)

Rechte und Pflichten/Rights and duties (talking about age limits; discussing what is most important to us; comparing life now and in the past; discussing how we can raise money for good causes; participating in a debate)

Im Urlaub und zu Hause/Local area, holiday and travel (talking about popular holiday destinations and weather; discussing different types of holiday; describing places where people live; preparation for listening/reading exam - GCSE style)

Eine wunderbare Welt/International and global dimension (understanding texts about international and local campaigns; preparation for speaking exam - as above; listening/reading/writing exam preparation - past papers/work book

Summer B

Projekte/ Projects (learning about famous people, Christmas and New Year's celebrations; learning about solar system and making a display; researching German speaking places and making a brochure)

Projekte/Projects (designing a holiday homepage; applying for a job; planning and explaining a menu; learning about destinations for a class trip; preparing for a fashion show)

Projekte/Projects (creating a magazine page; creating song lyrics; applying for a dream job; creating a "baby book"; creating your perfect country)

Im Urlaub und zu Hause/Local area, holiday and travel (assessing the advantages/disadvantages of where you live; preparation for speaking/writing exam - GCSE style)

Exam Season


The curriculum for 2020/21 is currently under review.