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Modern Foreign Languages

At Ercall Wood, we understand the significance that language learning has upon on our students’ journey to becoming global citizens. It promotes and celebrates cultural differences as well as liberating students from insularity. Furthermore, being proficient in at least one modern foreign language opens doors in whatever industry a student may choose.
The Modern Foreign Languages’ (MFL) curriculum is ambitious, engaging and designed to give all students the knowledge and cultural capital they need to succeed in life. As a result, students achieve and enjoy language learning at Ercall Wood. They understand its importance, embed key concepts in their long-term memory effectively and communicate with increasing confidence in the target language.
The learning environments are student-centered, where students feel safe to be risk-takers as linguists and where respect is the fundamental rule. Moreover, the MFL breakout area provides students with further opportunities to converse in the target language in a relaxed and friendly setting. As a result, our students are confident learners and communicators with enquiring minds.

Mrs S Bastow (Head of Department)
Mrs   S Marston-Jones Mrs    G Purser

Year 7 – trip to the German Christmas Market in Birmingham


Year 8 – Language residential trip to Trier in Germany (5 days)


Key Stage 4 (year 8 and 9) – language residential trip to Cologne in Germany (3 days) or

                                                  Cross-curricular (German and Humanities) residential trip to Berlin in Germany (4 days)

Key Stage 3

Students are set a regular HWK during years 7 and 8. Learning HWK (vocabulary and Grammar learning) is set every lesson and tested 2 out of 4 lessons. Written HWK is set once a fortnight. Quizlet is used to support and help students with vocabulary and Grammar learning. Students should spend around 25-30mins on HWK to ensure their progress in subject.


Key Stage 4

Students are set a regular HWK in years 9, 10 and 11 (GCSE). Learning HWK (vocabulary and Grammar learning) is set every lesson and tested at least 3 out of 5 lessons. Written HWK is set once or twice a fortnight depending on the topic taught. Quizlet and duolingo app are used to support students’ independent learning and revision, based on the topics of study in the classroom. Teachers may issue supplementary homeworks alongside Quizlet.

GCSE Revision guides and texts for students to purchase