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Food Technology

The food technology department is a busy, vibrant and popular department. The focus is to promote a love of cooking whilst acquiring the knowledge and skills through practical work to become a competent cook and to gain success at GCSE level and beyond. The aim is to embrace and celebrate success for all in a creative “can do” environment where a positive attitude is seen as the only option. Teamwork and peer group support is valued and pupils are individually supported and guided at all levels in order to achieve their potential grade. In year 7, the students will be introduced to the principles of designing food products which are based around the Eatwell Plate and in particular fruit and vegetables. The aim is to widen the students’ understanding of preparing different food products in a safe and hygienic manner. Students will be developing a range of different practical skills through the production of pizzas, Dutch Apple Cake, apple crumble, plus lots more. All students will also be involved in the taste testing of a range of different food products, both sweet and savoury, from a variety of different countries, especially fruit and vegetables.
In addition, the students will be considering safety and hygiene in a food technology room, safe food storage and healthy eating with particular reference to fruit and vegetables and the importance of them in our diet, as well as nutrition and food packaging and labelling.

Mr D Newton (Head of Department) Mrs J Taylor (Second in Department)
Ms   C Foster Mrs   R King

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