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Excellence through challenge and initiative

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Head Teacher

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Mr Chay Davis - Head Teacher

We feel we are unique in many ways: as a Foundation school we are self-governing which allows us to determine our own affairs and have complete control over spending and decision making; as a Technology College we are funded for, the provision of a technologically rich curriculum and as a “Leading Edge” school we take an active role in sharing good practice with other schools. Ercall Wood remains an open access comprehensive school offering a broad, balanced and differentiated curriculum.

In order to enjoy full and worthwhile lives our young people must have a rich combination of knowledge, skills, attitudes and, above all, the capacity to learn and go on learning. Our nationally recognised curriculum and professional understanding of the nature of teaching and learning allow us to provide the conditions by which all our students can achieve their potential. We strive to provide a culture of achievement where students play their full part in the life of the college and contribute to a vibrant and optimistic culture.

Our guiding statement is ‘Excellence through Challenge and Initiative’. We hope you will join us in a committed partnership that will see all our children enjoy their time at Ercall Wood. They should join society as enthusiastic and optimistic individuals, secure in their abilities and committed to future learning.