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Excellence through challenge and initiative

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Head Teacher

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I am immensely proud to be the Headteacher of Ercall Wood Academy. We are a school that is committed to securing both the academic and emotional success of our young people.

This dedication pervades all aspects of our provision. A consistent model of learning delivery ensures that the pupils are fully aware of not only what they should learn but also how they are going to prove it.

Grades are linked to evidence and all pupils can compare and assess their progress against the aspirational targets set for every year group. Regular feedback ensures they know what to do to progress further. This evidence is routinely monitored and dedicated staff are on hand to intervene whenever it is identified that the potential of any individual may not be realised. When coupled with the excellent pastoral care they receive at Ercall Wood, we can be confident that the service they receive is of exceptional quality.

These principles are built on a very simple premise which is that people thrive when they feel happy and safe. We achieve this through a focus on three core principles across all levels of our provision;

  • Safe – behaviour and actions to keep people safe physically and emotionally
  • Ready – be ready to deliver and receive worthwhile learning experiences and engage with the wider curriculum offered by the school
  • Respectful – behaviour and actions that treat others with respect so that we can develop self-respect and pride in the person we are

We are also proud members of the Learning Community Trust. This has been a fantastic development for Ercall Wood Academy and we are now part of a supportive network comprised of local schools that have a shared vision for providing good education for our local communities.

Chief Education Officer of the Learning Community Trust, Dr. Gill Eatough, not only has a history with Ercall Wood Academy but also a proven track record of success with the young people of our area. We are working closely together to share both intellectual and financial resources so that our pupils in the North Telford area can be confident that their local school is a good school.

Our guiding statement is ‘Excellence through Challenge and Initiative’. We hope you will join us in a committed partnership that will see all our children enjoy their time at Ercall Wood Academy. They should join society as enthusiastic and optimistic individuals, secure in their abilities and committed to future learning.

Warm regards


Chay Davis